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Manage your poultry farm efficiently with NAVFarm, a Universal Farm Management Software that gives you complete control over your feed and flock. Whether you rear broiler or layering birds, this poultry farm software is explicitly designed to help poultry farm owners improve their farm's performance and productivity.

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Poultry Farm Management App

Get in-depth information on your poultry farm with just a few finger taps. NAVFarm poultry management software helps you know where you are at present and take appropriate steps to attain your goals.

Breed Management Records

With the NAVFarm poultry manager app, you can easily manage the breed in your poultry farm. You can even track your daily production, get graphical reports on improved or decreased production based on which you can even forecast productivity.

Poultry Management Records

It is imperative to keep track of all your poultry management activities. With NAVFarm, you can easily do that, and accordingly, you can use the database to anticipate errors and make future decisions.

Poultry Financial Records

With the right poultry farm software, you can keep track of your finances and manage them accordingly. NAVFarm allows you to keep track of your daily, weekly, monthly and annual expenses, along with income and profits.

Managing a poultry farm using traditional methods could be hectic. But, with the right poultry farm software, you can achieve your targets and enhance productivity at your farm. NAVFarm is an extensively designed software that lets poultry owners manage their farms efficiently. With NAVFarm, you can have enough time to spend on core activities!

Why NAVFarm?

In this competitive world of business, those age-old methods that your parents and grandparents have been using won’t help. Technology has become an integral part of any business. Using the right technology, like NAVFarm, can help you grow your business multifold.

NAVFarm is a Universal Farm Management Software that gives you complete control over your feed and flock. Whether you want to keep track of broilers’ weight, eggs collected, feed, bird weight, income and expenses, mortality, or vaccinations and treatments, NAVFarm can do all this for you. Today, it is essential to have the right poultry app to run a successful poultry business.

Ours is an excellent poultry management app that gives you control over your entire poultry business. This poultry application is meant for both the commercial poultry farmer and small scale backyard poultry keeper. Now you can track production, management, income, and expenses of your poultry farm with NAVFarm poultry farm software.

NAVFarm, the right solution to achieve measurable results!



Keep track of your entire Poultry farming business, from controlling feed to hatching, breeding to laying etc. NAVFarm is a Universal Farm Management Software that gives you complete control over your feed and flock.

Grand Parent & Parent

Complete traceability to laying flock, tight inventory & parameter control for pedigree hatchery and egg production

Broiler Breeder

Tracking of Integrated broiler operations for male and female broiler breeders using our broiler breeder management software


Using Rearing Management Software track rearing of parents and commercial broilers; the feed consumption, vaccination schedules and more information


Record full 21 day cycle of DOC across incubators, setters & hatchers with vaccination data, sexing errors & similar information with the help of Hatchery Management System

Commercial Broiler

Grow out farms and efficient plucking of commercial broiler with dual Unit of Measurement on weight & count


Track the full processing sequence such as cutting & deboning and track parts production


Understand & track your feed production requirements for starter, grower & finisher feed

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How do you want an App to be - Easy-to-use, Friendly Features, Awesome Look, Amazing Layout, Robust and Rapid? NAVFarm has it all! Yes, whatever you are looking for in an app, it has all that and that’s what makes NAVFarm a unique app

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